Sunday, May 18, 2008


The paper contained:
1.10 puzzles
2.Verbal test
b)Fill with correct words
c)A story was given.We had to fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms.
d)Choose the correct sentence among two.
e)Choose the incorrect sentence among four.
f)Fill with appopriate phrases.

Duration--60 minutes Marks-- 50 No of Questions-10.

Brief idea of questions:
1) one statement was given regarding the details of age of an old contained twisted information about his sons death. like I lived certain part(it was given) of my life as child, certain as youth ,certain part as bachelor.then after 5 years of marriage my son was born and my son died 4 years before my death at half my age.what is my age

2)In a party, there one man dances exactly with 3 ladies & 1 woman dances exactly with 3 men . there are exactly two pairs are common with every men. how many people are there in party? Ans. 8

3)8-9 conditions were given regading grades of 4 persons. it was like a conversation of 4 friend about each others grades and we had to determine their grades. A long and tough question!

4) Determine a five digit number. Various conditions given:
a)two digits are prime
b)no repeated digits
c)digit 5 is half of digit 4
d)digit 1 is one less than digit 3
e)digit 3 is the largest.
f)digit 2 is the smallest.
g)digit 5 lies between digit 1 and digit 2.
Ans is 71842

5) Venn diagram. A survey was conducted among consumers who use products in liquid and powder third of them dont use liquid.two fifth of them dont use powder.427 use both powder and liquidand one fifth use neither of products.what is the total no of consumers.
Ans 735

6) Based on logical resoning. It was a long question barrons type. Names of five men and women were given. They go to cinema hall.conditions regarding their seating arrangement were given.
Not a difficult question.

7)There are three teams – DoIt, ActIt & ThinkIt – playing basketball in a championship. Three friends are speculating about the result:
A : Either DoIt or ThinkIt will make it
B : DoIt is not going to make it
C : Neither ThinkIt or DoIt will make it
Only one of them turned out to be correct. Which team won?
Ans: ActIt

8) There are 3 tribes. Sorobean aways speaks truth. Narobean alwaz lies. Midorean speaks truth and false alternatively but whether he speaks truth or lies first cannot be detemined. From the statements find who belongs to which tribe.
A: I am a sorobean
B is a narobean
B: I am a sorobean
C is a midorean
C: I am a sorobean
A is a midorean
Ans: A-Midorean, B - Narobean, C - Sorobean

9) There are two trains. One from New York to Washington and second from Washington to New York. The total journey to a destination takes 5 hours. A train from New York to Washington leaves on hour at every hour The train from Washington to New York leaves an hour and on half an hour. How many trains will be passing if you are traveling from New York to Washington?
Ans : 19 trains (please confirm )

10)question on clock and time. quarter of time from midnight to present when added to half the time from present to midnight gives the present time.what is the present time.
Ans 9:36

VERBAL: Duration:30 minutes Marks:45 No of Questions:45

You must have good communication skills and creative thoughts to face interview.
introduce youself.
HR:Tell me about your father and his occupation
HR: tell about your brothers and sisters.
HR:Your percentage is good in 10th but it dipped in 12th.can you expain why ?
HR:what was your rank in AIEEE.
HR:you have left some blank spaces in your form??
HR:then you shoud write NA(not applicable)
Note: Dont leave blank spaces in the form.
HR:Tell me about your birthplace.
HR:what are your hobbies that are different from others??
Note:Be Careful to tell about your hobby. Prepare for your hobby earlier.
HR:Define leadership.
HR:what qualities a leader should have?
HR:Tell me two instances where you acted as leader.
HR:Ok!what are ethics and morals in your opinion?
HR:ok solve this puzzle.(he drew a simple figure and asked to count the no of squares)
HR:Wall is 30 m high.frog climbs 3m and slips 2 in one hr.what is the time to reach the top.
Ans. 28(Do solve it)
HR:one bag 10 red.other 20 take out 1 red and 1 blue how many balls to be taken out.
HR:tell the diameter of earth.
Good communication skills are a must. Do get training in it!!
HR:Define leadership.