Sunday, May 18, 2008

HCL aptitude paper HYD 2007 NOV

1. S 1=={1,2,3,4}, S 2 =={A,B.C……….Z},S 3=={……………},(S1*S2)U S3==?
2. 8*7=B,how much is 6*9== ?
3. 4 to 5 questions on simplifying complex nos. equations
4. Sphere of radius 4.5 cm is divide in three spheres ,two have radius 1.5 and 2 cm,find the other ones??
5. If COMPLEX == 81,and……how much is ANALYSE==?? 2-3 questions based on similar pattern
6. Two taps a and b fill up a cistern in 2 and3 hrs ,at wat time should b be clsed if the tank cistern is filled up in 17 minutes??
7. A doctor checks 5 patients every 3 hrs with abreak of 10 minutes between each two check many he patients he checks in 10 hrs and 15 minutes??
8. no. of diagonals friends if vertices of a octagon are joined??
9. An equilateral triangle is formed by joining the centers of sides of a equilateral triangle.wat is the ratio of area ,s of both the triangles??
10. A can finish the work in 3 days , B can finish the work in double efficiency, can finish with equal efficiency of both A and B.if all work together within how many days will they complete the work?