Sunday, May 18, 2008

Latest Aptitude Placement papers Infosys satyam IBM

1.A mathematician was 70 in the year 500 and he was 80 in the year 490.find the year in which he was born
ans :570 b.c

2.There are 100 pieces of zigzags(don t bother of zig zag) which can be combined two at a time dicretely or with with a unit of some zigzag. How many such copmbination are necessary to make asingle whole unit.
ans :99

3.a.) there is a cube which is painted out side ,which is then divided into 125 cubes of equal size.Find the number of cubes which are having color at the 3 faces ,number of cubes having color at 2 faces and also at the one face,also cubes having no color
ans:(3 faces=8 2 faces=36, 1 faces=54 ,no colr=27 )

3.b) if these cubes r placed in the tray and shuffelled then brougt into stationary state the find the probality that the red face is pointing above
ans: 1/5 or 0.2.

4.) There are 729 balls of equal size and shape out of which one is heavier than rest all.Find the minimum number of weighing tha are required to find out that faulty ball
ans (12).

5.)In an iceland there are 3 kinds of persons Sarrorian: one who speaks both the sentence truth another fellow meditorian: who speakes one truth sentence and one false sentence.the lask kind of person is nerrorian :who speakes both the sentence the sentence false.Balachandra meets each one of them and comes with the following sentence frm them and frm these sentence Balachandra is able to tell who is Sarrorian,Meditorian,narrorian
Gowda : I am sarrorian : Satish is Narrorian
putta: I am Sarrorian : Santosh is Meditorian
betta: I am Sarrorian : Gowda is Meditorian
ANS: betta: Sarrorian Gowda : Meditorian putta : Narrorian

6.) CRAZY FROG A frog is in the well of 30 meters depth.It wants to come out of it .It covers 3 meters during day and slips by 2 meters during night.How many days it requires to come out of it
ans ( Total of 28 days and 27 nightg so 27 days it needs).