Monday, April 28, 2008

Oracle Enterprise Manager


Drive Better Results with Top-Down Application Management
Oracle Enterprise Manager is the only management software that provides complete management solution for your business applications with a unique top-down approach. It provides strong monitoring and management that encompasses end-user experience, application processes and flows, as well as the underlying software and system infrastructure.

Applications Management
Complete Solution for Managing Oracle Applications and Infrastructure
Oracle provides the most comprehensive management solution for Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and Siebel applications with its unique top-down approach. Only Oracle provides a single management solution that gives you the ability to proactively monitor the health of all application processes and components—including the underlying middleware and databases as well as the hosts they run on.


* Superior ownership experience—Only Oracle provides an integrated solution for applications and related infrastructure enabling the fastest problem resolution, simplified IT management, and superior ownership experience for managing the entire application technology stack.
* Keep configurations in check—With hundreds of out-of-the-box configuration metrics tracked automatically, Oracle provides the rich configuration management solution that no other vendor can match. It enables you to keep configuration drift in check, eliminating it as one of the major contributors to application down time.
* Stay aligned with business objectives—Only Oracle provides out-of-the-box service and system dashboards that let you get a single view of your applications and infrastructure. Using them, IT administrators and business managers stay connected at all times. This ensures that IT stays aligned with business priorities, enhances business agility, and improves service levels while lowering IT operations costs.

Database Management

Oracle provides an integrated management solution for managing Oracle database with a unique top-down application management approach. With new self-managing capabilities, Oracle eliminates time-consuming, error-prone administrative tasks, so database administrators can focus on strategic business objectives instead of performance and availability fire drills. With Oracle Database Management Packs, Oracle is 38 percent more productive vs. DB2 9.1 and SQL Server.


* Maximize performance & availability—Automatically monitor the entire database environment and proactively resolve issues before they turn into emergencies
* Elevate administrator productivity—Give your administrators the tools they need to manage more databases, more effectively while increasing their value to the organization
* Eliminate failures from human error—Take control of your IT environment by addressing the #1 cause of unplanned downtime through extensive out-of-box automation, configuration and, change management capabilities

Middleware Management

Manage SOA Applications and Infrastructure with Less Effort
Oracle provides the most complete and integrated management solution for Oracle Fusion Middleware with its unique top-down approach. Its wide-ranging management capabilities span service level management; SOA runtime governance; user access, identity, and infrastructure management; and configuration management. It is engineered to deliver value right out of the box with features such as automatic discovery of all Fusion Middleware components and their interdependencies; preset alerts and policies incorporating industry best practices; and service, system and compliance dashboards.

Its new and groundbreaking Oracle Application Diagnostics for Java capability can dramatically reduce problem resolution times, by enabling application diagnostics in production environments and by allowing cross-tier correlation of transactions across Database and middle-tiers in a single offering. Oracle Application Diagnostics for Java is available for Oracle and Non-Oracle middleware.


* Enhance business-IT alignment—Only Oracle's solution enables you to easily diagnose and remediate business activity glitches due to IT system issues and rapidly scale up or down IT systems based on business indicators.
* Simplify management of SOA—The Oracle solution is unique in providing complete and integrated runtime governance for SOA with advanced capabilities such as automatic discovery of BPEL processes and partner links integrated with error management for process instances. You manage SOA with less effort and lower management costs.
* Rapid problem resolution—"always-on" production monitoring solution that reduces performance problem resolution time drastically by providing complete view of the application state, cross-tier request correlation between middle-tier and database, and differential heap analysis to detect and analyze memory leaks.

Heterogeneous Support

Manage Oracle and Non-Oracle Technologies within a Single Console
Oracle Enterprise Manager not-only manages Oracle Technologies, it provides rich management solutions for heterogeneous environments with its unique top-down approach. Only Oracle provides the most complete solution focused on managing business applications and related infrastructure technologies in a single management console. Get exactly what you need to manage your applications end-to-end with a rich selection of easy-to-deploy plug-ins and connectors for heterogeneous environments. Check out the partner exchange for more than two dozen heterogeneous management plug-ins and connectors including Microsoft MOM, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, JBoss, EMC storage, F5 BIG IP, Check Point Firewall, Remedy and more.


* Manage SLAs across heterogeneous infrastructure—The only service level management solution on the market that allows you to define SLAs based on business application KPIs and manage service levels across the entire technology stack
* Diagnose application issues rapidly no matter where they originate—Only Oracle is able to help you reduce the time and effort needed to pinpoint the root-cause of any business exception by providing a single management console for application and related infrastructure performance issues
* Pay for only what you need—Only Oracle's unique top-down and modular architecture allows you to get only what you need now and add more functionality incrementally as your application management needs change